Leading M.D. Testimonials
 "Developmental kinesiology and DNS as taught by Professor Kolar establishes the basis of functional clinical assessment and a critical part of the treatment of neurological, orthopedic and pediatric patients. DNS teaches us how to evaluate babies from the newborn stage, how to recognize signs of very early abnormal development in order to introduce purposeful treatment before poor postures and movement pattern stereotypes become established. DNS also provides critical tools for clinical assessment of adult patients with locomotor system dysfunction (such as chronic pain syndromes) and it provides critical new therapeutic methods to all doctors and clinicians working with athletes. Every clinician or trainer involved in rehabilitation, neurology, pediatric care or sport should know DNS assessment and manual therapeutic and exercise techniques."
Alena Kobesova, MD, PhD, Neurologist & Physiatrist, Motol Hospital, Charles University 2nd Medical School, Prague, Czech Republic