Leading P.T. Testimonials


The integration of manual therapy technique with neuromotor control procedures has spawned the development of an intrinsic neuromuscular stabilization system that can improve the function of a wide variety of orthopedic, neurologic, and cardiopulmonary patients. Professor Pavel Kolar has integrated the work of three leading manual medicine and developmental physicians (Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Karl Bobath, and Vaclav Vojta) to evolve a manually and functionally based therapeutic system to intrinsically facilitate the deep stabilization muscles of the spine and extremities. 

 Sandy L. Burkart PhD, PT, Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine, Boca Raton, FL

 After taking a Redondo Beach FAI course with Professor Kolar, Dr. Bukart stated: “Developmental kinesiology has a unique scientific basis and a practical approach to the rehabilitation of both orthopedic and neurological patients.  Based upon a system that facilitates the deep stabilizing muscle of the spine and extremities, this therapeutic protocol can modulate pain, spasm and spasticity, improve posture and facilitate efficient human motion.  The FAI course in Redondo Beach by Professor Kolar & his staff is well taught with numerous demonstrations and clinical cases.  This is an important concept to apply in clinical practice regardless of your professional training.”


"Participating in courses taught by Professor Pavel Kolar both here in the US and in Prague has been one of the most exciting professional experiences I have had. Even after fourteen years as a physical therapist, I am astonished at the depth of understanding and grasp of the motor system function and dysfunction as it relates to the infant's development that Pavel communicates. The approach is anything but traditional, yet very practical. It is worth every moment of time and energy spent in attending such a course. It opened my eyes to the possibility of speaking to the CNS directly and gaining a more logical understanding of the causes of functional pathology. I highly recommend Professor Kolar’s course and look forward to being there in Redondo Beach in November."

Robert Lardner P.T., Theraband Course Instructor, DNS Certified Instructor, Chicago, IL


“DNS has been a crucial part of my practice since it has allowed me to understand more comprehensively the intricate balance between breathing and core stability and how these factors can alter the mechanics of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. DNS has allowed me to look at musculoskeletal, neurological and pediatric conditions on a global scale providing an avenue of analyzing the different conditions whereby all the patterns fit. I am hooked on it for life and I confidently know that I will benefit a lot from it in as much as my patient will.”  
Marvin G. Ventura, MPhtySt(Sports), OCS, MLD/CDT
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)