Leading D.C. Testimonials

“Despite the recent interest in active care and rehabilitation, few clinicians truly grasp the theoretical or skill-set cornerstones of these popular ‘catch-word’ strategies, which are based on the topic of habilitation. Professor Kolar's DNS provides the foundations of habilitation, absolutely critical information, and associated treatment protocols in his courses. In so doing, DNS allows us a glimpse of what will heavily impact the future of manual therapeutic techniques and rehabilitation. In short, after observing this approach for motre than 10 years, I now accept the fact that DNS is the future…”
Craig E. Morris, DC, DACRB, CSCS. Editor – Low Back Syndromes: Integrated Clinical Management (McGraw-Hill), Certified DNS Clinician & Instructor, Professor, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles, California

"I just completed my second DNS introductory course "A" and the first one with Dr. Craig Morris as the lead instructor (Los Angeles, June 2008). Craig provided an entertaining, integrated structure, in-depth knowledge and succinct organization of the DNS principles. His explanation, demonstration and supervision of the initial functional tests and introduction to reflex locomotion really helped me to establish a solid foundation from which I can now move forward. The course organization by Jana Morris of F.A.I. was excellent, while Dr. Petra Valouchova, the physiotherapist from Prague, was great in her explanation and supervision of teaching the practical skills. We all felt as though we really understood the material, so nobody was lost or felt left behind. Together, the instructors formed an excellent team and I was surprised to learn it is the first time they have worked together! Now I feel well-grounded and confident in the basic principles and skills of DNS. I am prepared to move forward to integrate the DNS approach with my patients in preparation for the next training level. I am convinced that the DNS approach is the stability factor that allows chiropractic care and rehabilitation to be more effective for long term results. This is what we have searched for in manual care and rehabilitation. I have been involved in Chiropractic for the last 30 years professionally and the DNS approach fits perfectly with the chiropractic model. I am so excited that we have DNS methods to incorporate with our treatment of patients that will reset and optimize the programs of posture, movement and functional stability.
Nathan Cohen, DC, La Jolla, CA
“Reflex locomotion has helped broaden my ability to understand and assess neuromuscular conditions at a deeper level while adding a treatment approach that has improved my effectiveness with my current cases and expanded my ability to treat patients that were untreatable by previous methods.”
Dave Juehring, DC, DACRB, Certified DNS Clinician, Director: Palmer College Rehabilitation Clinics & Residency Program, Davenport, IA 
“After studying the diagnostic and manual therapeutic methods of Professor Pavel Kolar, I am increasingly convinced of the critical importance of this approach.”
Rocco Guerriero, B.Sc. D.C. FCCSS(c) FCCRS(c) FCCO(c), Associate Professor, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Coordinator of the Department of Rehabilitative and Assessment Services 
“Every chiropractor and chiropractic student needs to know this information.”
Kim Christensen, DC, CCSP. DACRB, CSCS, Portland, OR