Leading Athletic Management/Trainers' Testimonials
"Professional athletes present unique challenges when it comes to neuromuscular system performance at the elite level. Injury prevention and performance enhancement are two key components of our organization's Sports Medicine Program. We have applied many DNS methods into our performance programs and certainly see them as a nice fit in rehabilitation from injury as well.”
Ken Crenshaw, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Arizona  Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball) 

"DNS has been a most powerful addition to my treatment philosophy. It provides an efficient therapeutic conduit to the CNS, critically enhancing my integrated manual therapy approach. DNS exercise strategies operate at a basic level of movement efficiency, thereby facilitating a solid foundation upon which to build optimal athletic capacity."
Dave Hogarth PT, CES, PES, Minor League Physical Therapist, Angels Baseball, LP 


 "DNS evaluation and manual therapy techniques are what I utilize when treating world class athletes, weekend warriors, acute or chronic pain patients. It allows me to create the essential base of stability and optimal movement patterns necessary to be successful and optimally enhance other manual medicine, rehabilitation or sports performance training techniques. Knowing what I know now, after 10 years in practice, I wish that DNS would have been available to me as a chiropractic student and that I would have been wise enough to begin my training back then.”

 Michael Rintala, D.C., CSCS, PGA Tour Sports Medicine Team, Active Release Technique Practitioner, Certified DNS Clinician, Del Mar, CA
"The DNS principles have allowed me to make simple changes to exercises that have a much more global result.  Developmental kinesiology is the basis of all human movement and has broken down everyday things that a baseball player does on the field into simple movements that can reinforce what we're trying to accomplish as clinicians."   
Andrew Hauser, ATC, CSCS, Minor League Athletic Trainer, Tampa Bay Rays